Cooperation with universities

There are no compromises when it comes to competence of our employees!
We make great efforts to ensure that our staff are competent, meaning they got knowledge, specialized skills and interpersonal skills, the right attitude – involvement in work, openness to development and quality driven attitude.
To ensure the steady growth of team competence for the company and motivation together with resources for employees development the path of individual growth was set clear.
An important aspect of education of our future employees is to engage POLIMER POLAND in local projects, providing graduates of Krakow universities with better start at the beginning of their professional careers. Our company cooperates inter alia with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Environmental Engineering, Cracow University of Technology in the framework of the project „Strengthening the teaching potential of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering”. This program offers students and graduates the opportunity to pursue a three-month internships and apprenticeships in leading industrial companies. Our representatives also conducted specialized workshops for students, which familiarized them not only our company, but mainly the specificity of work, our requirements for job applicants, the process of recruitment and path of development in our company.
From our perspective, internships and practice is a real „Talents Forge”. Our best trainees and apprentices remain with us for a long time – give the opportunity not only to work in their profession but also continuous development through participation in interesting , innovative and challenging projects which are being executed in POLIMER POLAND. Already 11 employees, including NDT Laboratory, was starting their career from practice and internship programs.