Built by us air coolers can be equipped with fans with diameters up to 10500mm. Parameters and construction of the fans are selected individually for each project.

For each fan we provide  characteristic card containing data about the flow parameters, performance, power consumption, flow charts etc. Supplied with the fan is operation and maintenance documentation, a certificate of quality control, and for fans that work in potentially explosive atmospheres – ATEX certificate.


The rotor blades are made of composite reinforced with carbon fiber. We can use 4 different blade profiles:



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Typ 1

Typ 5

Typ 7

Typ 14

Profile (14) are wide, super silent blades used in applications where the most important factor is little noise emission.

The rotor blades have the ability to adjust the angle of the blade. Changes of the angle are made during standstill.

The standard operating temperature of the rotors is – 25 to + 65 ° C. It is possible to manufacture high-temperature rotors adapted for operation at temperatures up to 110 ° C

The rotors are balanced in class G6.3.


The standard engine operating temperature is from -20 to + 40 ° C. It is possible to apply
a fan motor adapted to operate at higher temperatures.

Depending on the type of motor application its power range varies from 1.5 kW to 250 kW. In our realizations we use engines provided by leading manufacturers like Siemens, Celma (Cantonimotors), ABB, VEM.



Fans, depending on the diameter and the application, may have different drive systems.

– Direct drive,
– Drive through the gear motor,
– Belt drive,
– Drive consisting of bevel gearbox, drive shaft and motor.




The role of the housing consists in shaping air to achieve the best performance of the fan flow. Fan housings most commonly have a cylindrical steel enclosure with elliptical funnel inlet.
This funnel is made of carbon fiber reinforced composite. The elliptical shape of the inlet funnel significantly improves performance and reduces fan noise.
Cases are equipped with special stiffener, additionally compensating aerodynamic impact from rotor blades. The special design of stiffeners, applied technology and materials used to produce minimize the emergence and transmission of vibrations while keeping light weight of the housing.

Control Systems

Fans in our air coolers can be equipped with a control cabinet.
We offer both simple “on and off” systems and complete control cabinets equipped with inverters for speed control and the software receiving the signals from the sensors mounted on fan and the engine or transmission.
The fan may be equipped with a vibration sensor. Bevel gear may have a pressure sensor or oil flow sensor.
The motors may have a winding temperature sensors, temperature sensors bearings, vibration sensors.
Fans can operate in hazardous areas. The blades of the fan are then made with special antistatic surface coating. The engine and transmission are explosion-proof.
The entire system is compliant with ATEX standard.