Air cooler types

Each air cooler is designed individually according to the requirements and needs of the customer. Proper selection of cooling depends on the parameters of the installation, the climate and the amount of available space.



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Positive Displacement system
The most common type is an air cooler discharge system. Its advantage is easy access to fans and pipe bundles for service. This type of fans are located under the tube bundle and are not exposed to the flow of hot exhaust air.

Roof system
The roof system is a variant of positive displacement air cooler. Tube bundles are placed diagonally on the construction. It is used most often for low-pressure condensers where building space is limited.

Suction system
Second often used type is suction system. The fans are located on the beam pipe providing better control the cooling process. This construction reduces the possibility of recirculation of heated air. The surfaces of finned tubes are additionally protected from the wind, rain and snow.

Recirculation system
It is the most complex air cooler type because of the additional structure required to control external weather conditions. This is to prevent freezing or crystallization process, of cooling agent, by recirculating worm air. It is widely used in cooler