Rolled finned tubes

The size and construction of the air coolers is dependent on heat exchange surfaces constituted by finned tubes. The tasks of the finned tubes is the communication of the maximum possible  thermal power on the smallest space with the least resistance to airflow. The air coolers use tube bundles of finned tubes integral method of cold rolling. We offer a wide range of pipes with highly developed inner and outer surfaces, and their use in heat exchangers guarantees high thermal performance with cost-effective, compact and long-term reliable operation. Oblique cold-rolling of mono and bimetallic finned tubes is the most advanced technology available, and allows rolling elements with quality parameters corresponding to world renowned companies. Because of finned tubes demanding work conditions across different industry sectors such as chemical or refinery instalations our products meets highest opertional standards.

The main advantages of rolled finned tubes

  • The maximum degree of development of the external surface in order to provide high-performance cooling.
  • The use of the base pipe in the pipe bimetallic metals and alloys with high mechanical properties and high corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures and high resistance to mechanical erosion.
  • High radial pressure in the bimetallic connection, ensuring minimal resistance to heat flow.
  • The high thermal conductivity of the materials used for external pipe fins.
  • High mechanical strength of the outer ribs in order to maintain the shape and dimensions of the ribs when cleaning the surface with water at high pressure.

The materials used core for tubes:

• Titanium
• Duplex
• Monel
• Brass
• Copper
• Austenitic Alloys

High finned bimetallic tubes


Base tube: External diameter: Dw = 8-51 mm
Fins: Diameter of fins: Dz = 14-82 mm
Pitch of fins: n = 5-11 ribs

High finned monometallic tubes (Al)


Material – aluminium. Parametry ożebrowania: Parameters of ribbing:
Dz = 20-57 mm
dw = 20-38 mm
Dp = 15-44 mm
n = 5-11 ribs

High finned monometallic tubes (Cu)


Material – copper.
Parameters of ribbing:
Dz = 19,5-38 mm
Dp = 14,2-26 mm
Dw = 9,5-22mm

Low finned monometallic tubes


Materials: Cu, Al., Fe, CuZn, CuNiFe, stainless steel.
Parameters of ribbing:
Do = 9-32
Dz = 8,8-31,8 mm
Dp = 6,5-29 mm
dw= 4,5-27 mm