Air coolers

We build air-cooled heat exchangers for the purpose of cooling and condensation of all kinds of liquid and gases found in chemical, refinery and power plants. We design and manufacture fan air coolers with ribbed tubes in horizontal or roof orientation.

Types of coolers, dimensions, type of materials, corrosion protection, nominal power are each designed for the processing objectives and customer requirements.

We build new coolers or modernize existing ones. We also offer manufacture and supply of components and spare parts for existing coolers. To this end, our technicians can make on site pre production measurements.

The next stages of the delivery of air coolers include:


Designing is done according to the following applicable standards and regulations: ASME, API 661, AD – MERKBLATT, UDT, in accordance with EU Directive 97/23 / EC and includes:

  • Process calculations – thermal and flow
  • mechanical calculations – strength and static pressure part of the support structure
  • calculating the level of noise emitted by fans
  • control system, control – measuring equipment, lighting, etc.
  • complete technical documentation concession and workshop blueprints.

Production and delivery:

Supporting structures and service platforms, tube bundles, collectors (the chamber) and piping, fans, diffusers, control and lighting, shutters, housing for recirculating air, tubular bundle heaters.

Production and deliveries are carried out with required acceptances from notified bodies.


Additionally, we offer a complete installation on the destination site and start up.

Spare parts

We secure constant availability of spare parts for coolers (plugs, screws, gaskets, finned tubes and other elements)



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