Socially Responsible Company


For POLIMER POLAND sustainable development means ensuring high performance in business operations while engaging in favor of economic and social development, environmental protection and stable society, as well as supporting our customers and suppliers to achieve the same goals.
As a socially responsible organization we implement a program of cooperation with Cracow technical universities, in order to allow ambitious graduates a good start on the road of professional development (practice, internships and specialized workshops).
We take care of the continuous improvement of our experienced staff to create the conditions for development of skills, participation in training and development projects.
In POLIMER POLAND we focus on transparency of jurisdiction therefore we have a system of development paths in company. We believe that there are no boundaries for individual improvement, we focus on development of our employees, regardless of their age and seniority.
In autumn 2014 we gained funding from the Labor Office for specialized training
for employees over 45 (National Training Fund).
We are also open to disabled workers – currently in our team we have two people with disabilities whose work with us started from the student training program.



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