The materials used for production are the most consistently boiler steel, stainless, acid-resistant, high temperature steel, copper alloys, nickel and brass. Thanks to an extensive network of reliable suppliers, we are able to offer all the required material for further processing including high alloy steels or duplex.
Our materials meet all required standards and always comes with certificate.

For the purpose of fulfilling our orders, we offer installation of steel structures, pressure equipment, industrial pipelines. We are prepared for the most complex assembly tasks
for refining, petrochemical, chemical and power installations.


We use all available materials and joining technologies necessary for project realization: welding, rolling, soldering. Technological pipes can be straight, U shaped, spiral wound, ribbed or covered with fins. We also use surface anticorrosion protection by plating or thermal cure painting.


Our experience include manufacture of equipment operating in contact with the fluids such as argon, pure oxygen, nitrogen, flue gases, carbon dioxide, benzene, oil, water, steam, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid,
nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, isobutane, ammonia, chlorine and other intended
for use in a wide range of temperatures and pressure.