Design Office


POLIMER POLAND design office is a dynamic team of designers who have years of experience in creating unique products that meet the legal requirements and customer expectations.

We provide comprehensive and professionally developed design documentation in the field of technology, installation, pressure equipment and piping, used mainly in the chemical, refinery, energy water treatment and food industries.

Individual approach to the customer, innovation in action, openness to new solutions and high quality design is a work standard of our Design Office.

POLIMER POLAND Design Office performs:

  • calculation of the heat-flow, heat balance (DATA SHEET)
  • heat-flow simulations using FEM (finite element method)
  • strength calculations comply with EN-13445, WUDT, ASME, API 661, TEMA, AD 2000 Merkblatt,
  • endurance simulations pressure components and steel structures; using the method of FEM (finite element method)
  • three-dimensional (3D) and two-dimensional (2D) modeling the equipment and installations
  • choice of technology, material,
  • workshop and technological documentation,
  • documentation of piping, non-pressure tanks, storage tanks,
  • construction documents,
  • documentation instrumentation,
  • electrical documentation,
  • technological blueprints,
  • pump selection,
  • the license documents approved by:
    – Notified Body (which may be indicated by the Client) – meeting the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 / EC,
    – UDT – meeting the requirements of WUDT: „Conditions of the Technical Supervision Office”.We offer comprehensive technical projects of entire plants or parts thereof: heat exchangers, pressure vessels, cooling fan, pipelines, loading stations, steel and other installations with control and measurement instruments.

Design Office Manager
Daniel Zawada
tel. 696 225 026

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