Titanium Heat Exchanger E-1313

Titanium Heat Exchanger E-1313

FHU POLIMER is pleased to announce next big step in our activity. Shell and tube heat exchanger E-1313 is responsible for condensing reaction gas (acetic acid) and utilizing steam that was produced in this process. Hydraulic pressure test in tube side was carried out with 27,5 bars(g).

Tubesheets, elipsoidal heads, conical and cylindrical chambers were explosively cladded with Titanium gr. 1. FHU POLIMER developed its own butt welding technology for connecting titanium cladded carbon steel plates to ensure its hermeticity.

For heat transfer, 2330 titanium tubes of 7000 mm length were applied and 100% Eddy Current tested after production and assembly. Helium leak test was performed and maximum leakage pointed 10-7 Pa*m3/s.

Total weight of empty equipment: 23060 kilograms.
Dimensions with chambers: 11500mm x 3500mm x 3120mm.
Equipment was marked CE acc. to Pressure European Directive 2014/68/EU

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