Evaporator 22-E-17 U-tube bundle

Polimer is pleased to present to you the newest realization Evaprator 22-E-17 U-tube bundle for IZO installation for PKN Orlen
This U-tube is constructed by Low fining type: GEWA-K-2614.16165-00.
The use of low finning tubes has allowed for a fourfold increase in effective heat exchange surface.
There are 1764 U-tube, 3528 tube ends, each tube ends was expanded and welded.
U-tubes were made of SA-179 carbon steel, tubesheet was made of SA-350 Gr.LF2 Cl.2
U-tube bundle dimensions are 6787mm length, 1767 mm tubesheet diameter and net weight
21 442 kg.

990-1 990-2 990-3